Arbitration Agreement Opt Out Form

5. Fees and place to listen. If you are the one launching an arbitration procedure, Google will refund you the payment of the deposit tax, unless your fee is more than $10,000, in which case the AAA rules determine who pays the tax. Unless the parties agree otherwise, an arbitration hearing (depending on your choice) will be held in Santa Clara County or in the county (or parish) of your current address. However, if the fee is less than or less than $10,000, you can decide whether you want to proceed with arbitration instead: (a) only on the basis of documents or (b) through a telephone hearing. If the arbitrator decides that either the content of your claim, or the remedy you are seeking is unser serious, or that it is brought for inappropriate purposes, we use the AAA rules to determine whether you or Google are responsible for registration, management and arbitration fees. 8. Confidentiality. The arbitrator must respect all legally recognized privileges of evidence and, if necessary, issue orders to protect the parties` trade secrets or confidential information. The parties undertake to keep the party`s trade secrets or business information confidential and to protect the confidentiality of other information (e.g.

B detail information) that is legally protected from disclosure. However, we may disclose these matters confidentially to our respective accountants, accountants and insurers. Follow the instructions. The opt-out provisions usually contain very specific instructions on how you can refuse an arbitration procedure. If you do not follow these instructions, your opt-out may be invalid and you may be forced to use arbitration procedure to resolve future disputes. Therefore, to ensure that your opt-out notice is accepted, you must read and follow the company`s instructions very carefully. This means that you send your opt-out notice in time before the deadline expires, the use of the required format, the inclusion of all required forms or documents, and the inclusion of any other information required in the opt-out instructions. People should act as mediators if they do not want to bother to bring each other to justice.

In arbitration proceedings, each party sits on its side of a table and talks about it. The people around the table should have about the same bargaining power as two companies or companies. Referees are the neutral part that ensures that everything remains fair and civil. But arbitration doesn`t look like that anymore. Check the message. Check your credentials, date, address and other information to make sure no errors occur. You don`t want to lose your right to opt-out because of a careless mistake.