Charles University Learning Agreement

Please note that you have not yet started the application process for your study exchanges before the printed, signed and stamped forms are sent out. Printed forms must be checked and signed by the relevant coordinators of your university and sent either to the faculty coordinator or to the European Office. Online language support (OLS) supports language learning for Erasmus mobility participants. The OLS offers Erasmus participants long-term mobility activities (key action 1) the opportunity to assess their skills in the foreign language or languages they will use to study, work or volunteer abroad. In addition, some participants may take an online language course to improve their skills. If your home university asks you to use its Erasmus forms or your undocumented Erasmus forms instead of Charles University application forms, we can certainly continue them in the printed version (instead or with our forms). However, we still need an online EN registration that should contain the same data as your higher education documents. No one is accepted if they have not filed the Erasmus online registration of Charles University (stage 2). In addition, no Erasmus form is used if they do not contain your name in tiny on each page in the top right corner.

If you use the forms generated by Charles University`s online registration system, you don`t need to enter your name in block letters on each page of your application – they will automatically insert your name on each page. – its coordinator should provide data introduced in the relevant inter-institutional agreement (study area, reception faculty and department, point of contact at the UC). Some universities use the OLA. For a successful dedication process, be sure to provide the right information about the higher education coordinator and valid courses. If your LA is refused, please read the notice and amend it accordingly. Look for courses in our student system (SIS), choose your courses according to the rule of 51% of courses are from the Faculty of Social Sciences and complete their LA.