Retainer Agreement Express Entry

2 Respond to all reasonable requests for information from the CLIENT; Do not keep all personal and business information of the CLIENT acquired during the strictly confidential professional relationship and do not pass on this information unless the disclosure is expressly or implicitly authorized by the CLIENT, required by law or authorized by the rules; Assist the CLIENT in preparing for an interview with his or her request in mind; Having been consulted or retained by the CLIENT, only when the nature of the case requires such disclosure; Subject to legal or legal enforced enforcement, the entity retains the client`s confidential information even after the owner`s completion, whether or not there have been differences between the company and the CLIENT; Ensure that client property is maintained in accordance with the law and with reasonable care. 3. CLIENTs Responsibilities and obligations The CLIENT must, at the request of the CNA, provide all the information requested by the CNA and the processing visa point in accordance with the company`s instructions; The CLIENT is solely responsible for all the consequences of the transmission of false or false information and all the consequences of the client`s delay in submitting these documents. execute the forms as required and receive all documents and information that may be required to process the case in accordance with CNA S instructions; to provide without delay all supporting documents and documents, as requested by the CNA, and to provide only documents of law, validity and authenticity, including qualifications and experience. Any inaccuracy in these cases can seriously prejudice the visa application. The CLIENT would be responsible for the negative impact on the case, as the necessary documents and other evidence were not presented/delayed; faithfully disclose to RCIC all information relating to all CLIENTS and relatives, up-to-date or previous criminal complaints and/or convictions; Inform RCIC of all messages the CLIENT receives from the processing visa unit. RCIC at any time appropriate instructions, including any changes to information regarding address, training, employment, responsibilities, material status, criminal complaints or any other information or circumstances that may render it inadmissible and may have a direct impact on its case. Take all interviews if the processing visa requires it and immediately follow all instructions provided by the Processing Visa Service, but only with the consent and approval of RCIC. Pay the processing fee for the processing visa immediately. The CLIENT would be liable for any adverse effect on the case due to a late/non-payment of processing fees The following terms and conditions apply to all obligations accepted by Thompson Jenner LLP. All work performed is subject to these conditions, unless changes are expressly agreed in writing.

1 student visa, temporary residence visa, multiple visa, supervised (USD 2,000 – Half before and half at the end of the process. The processing fee is also due to the Government of Canada.) 1 RETAINER AGREEMENT ITC Immigration and Employment Services Inc.